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Elephants in the north. Temples in Bangkok. Scuba Diving on Koh Tao. Beautiful beaches on Koh Samui. Party life on Koh Phi Phi. Thailand has it all. 

Looking for the first place you should travel solo as a woman? Thailand. Thailand is the best place for solo female travelers. It's safe, it's cheap, It's beautiful and it's full of people (both locals and travelers) who will make you feel seen, loved, safe and cared for. 

These visas can be extended for 30 extra days:
1. Visa on Arrival via Air: Fly into Thailand and get a 30-day stamp in your passport- no need to prepare a single document. 

2. Visa on Arrival via Land: Cross into Thailand by land and get a 30- day stamp in your passport- no need to prepare a single document.
3. 60-Day Tourist Visa: Before you come to Thailand, go to the nearest Thai Embassy and apply for a 60-Day tourist visa. You can do this in any country where there is a Thai Embassy- it doesn’t have to be your own country. 

Thailand Visas

Thailand is hot year round. The things to consider is when it's raining because storms can affect boats and snorkeling.

November - February (High Season)
Most pleasant temperatures
Less rain
More tourists

March – October (Off-Season)
Afternoon rain showers for 2-3 hours
Hotter and more humid
Fewer people = emptier beaches

♡ Rule of Thumb - When to Visit Where ♡
Late October-April: Koh Chang Islands 
November -March: Krabi, Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe 

What to Expect

My Top Advice

Packing Tips for Thailand

Alexa's Favorite Thai Hotels

The Thailand Bucket List

  • Cover your Shoulders & Knees in the Temples
  • Tip Your Salon or Massage Lady 20%
  • Wai - Place your palms together in prayer at your forehead when greeting someone 
  • Smile - Even through difficult interactions.
  • Say "kah" (for women) or "kap" (for men) at the end of sentences - even if you're speaking English. For example: "Thank you kah". 
  • Haggle in markets but with fairness. 

Cultural Do's in Thailand

  • Don't touch a monk
  • Don't disrespect the King, including do not speak negatively of the King. 
  • Don't cause a Thai to "loose face" or don't embarrass a Thai person. 
  • Don't touch anyone's head.
  • Don't show the bottom of your feet to anyone - this includes not stepping over someone. 
  • Don't make out in public. Keep it classy. 

Cultural Don'ts in Thailand

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