Samui Haus – Koh Samui, Thailand Hotel Review

I was looking for a private pool villa on the beach and I found one…kind of. As a solo female traveler seeking a tranquil beachfront getaway, Samui Haus in Lipa Noi immediately caught my attention. I booked 3 nights in their beachfront jacuzzi villa and while the stay wasn’t exactly what I expected and my feedback will be a little chaotic…I would absolutely stay here again. Let me show you why.

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Best for...

Getting away from the crowds.


The check-in experience at Samui Haus was warm and welcoming. I arrived early and headed straight for the pool! I listened to an audiobook and got a tan until I could move into my beachfront bungalow.


The Beachfront Bungalow at Samui Haus was priced at $100 per night, offering good value for a beachfront location. However, other aspects of the hotel experience could be improved to match the price point.

Relax in a hammock while watching the waves and listening to the winds at Samui Haus


Located on the quiet, uncrowded beach of Lipa Noi, staying at @SamuiHaus feels like you’ve been transported to another island. The serene atmosphere here is the total opposite of the busy Chaweng Beach or charming Fisherman’s Village. Get ready for some “me time”. Bring a book and a journal. Swim in the ocean. Mediate in the morning. Watch the sunset at night.

Heads-Up: Do not take a motorbike taxi here. I made that very uncomfortable mistake. Take a car.

Room and Bed

I am obsessed. My beachfront bungalow room is so perfectly laid out! The option to sleep with the fan on and the screen doors closed enhanced the experience, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean.

Look at this amazing room at Samui Haus!
Jacuzzi with a view at Samui Haus


When I think “jacuzzi,” I think hot water, don’t you? SO I was disappointed to discover that my jacuzzi was actually a cold water dipping pool. So to jazz things up, I filled my cool pool with bath gel and made me a cool-water bubble bath.


While my booking mentioned a bathtub, my room at Samui Haus did not have one. However, the bathroom itself was functional and met my needs just fine.


The main pool at Samui Haus was a dream come true, with its vibrant seafoam green tiles and surrounding palm trees. The water temperature was perfect for a relaxing swim. One unique feature was the ability to lay on the side of the pool in shallow water, creating an even more serene experience. However, the limited number of lounge chairs was a slight inconvenience.

Pool view at Samui Haus.

Food and Drink

Honestly, I refused to eat here. This kitchen was a total mess. I drank coffee and beer and thats it.

However, that was a blessing because it pushed me to discover the absolutely incredible restaurants near by! Incredible! On the beach, walk left to Nanus, a fabulous italian restaurant on the beach. Walk right to Think Retro Cafe and Bikini Bar.

Think Retro Cafe has happy hour that starts at 4:30pm.
Bikini Bar and Bistro is owned and run by a woman named Gin! Come here for fresh coconuts and massages on the beach! I also started Bikini Bar’s Instagram account for her while I was there. Give her a follow!

Social Vibe

I made a very dear friend here! She was a solo traveler. I said hi to her at breakfast and invited her to go have a drink with me. The intimate environment of the restaurant and pool give you the opportunity to say hi to a stranger. However, in general, the hotel provided a chill environment that doesn’t exactly scream social vibes. I liked that.


From waking up to the ocean, having coffee and fruit, kayaking in the ocean, swimming in the pool, walking the beach, or lounging in a hammock with a book, there were plenty of options to melt into the day. They also have a masseuse on site!

Services available at Samui Haus.

How to spend your day

Wake up to the gentle ocean waves, savor a cup of coffee and fresh fruit at SamuiHaus, and embark on a kayaking adventure or take a refreshing dip in the pool. Explore the beach, unwind in a hammock, and lose yourself in a good book. For lunch, head to Rertro Think Cafe for a satisfying meal. Pamper yourself with a massage at Bikini Bar, accompanied by a refreshing coconut. Return to the hotel for happy hour and prepare for an enjoyable evening at Nanus, a restaurant worth making a reservation for.


The hotel’s WIFI service was reliable and provided a stable internet connection throughout my stay. I had no issues staying connected and accessing online resources.

Staff Hospitality

The staff at Samui Haus were helpful and friendly, particularly the women at the reception in the afternoon. However, the morning staff struggled with English and were unable to assist with small tasks, leading to some communication challenges.

Noise & Smell

All I could hear were the waves. All I could smell was the sea!


From my observations, Samui Haus did not appear to prioritize eco-friendly practices. For instance, each room received two small bottles of plastic water per day, leading to unnecessary waste. This aspect could be improved to align with sustainable values.

Do I feel safe?

I felt safe and secure during my stay at Samui Haus. In fact, I even left my doors unlocked while strolling along the beach.

Sunset beach view in Samui Haus.

Room for Improvement

Samui Haus could focus on attention to cleanliness and maintenance is crucial to ensure rooms and amenities are pristine. And update their listing to make it clear that there is no bathtub and the jacuzzi is a cold water dipping pool. But as long as your expectations are correct, you’re going to love it here.

Overall - 8/10

I would totally come back here! The location on Lipa Noi, next to the best little restaurants, and my 100% beachfront bungalow was so dreamy. Yes, this place is a bit rough around the edges, but the location is so heavenly that it didn’t even matter!

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