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Find and Fund Your Purpose while Traveling the World

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Bestselling author, Alexa West, takes you from A to Z about traveling the world as a solo girl — from embarrassing stories to problem solving strategies.

In 2011, Alexa sat on her bedroom floor, packed her life into a backpack and got on a one-way ticket with just $200 in her pocket. She turned that $200 into over ten years of full-time travel. She went from budget backpacker to solo female travel expert - and now teaches thousands of women how to travel alone and make money from anywhere.

The One-Way Ticket Plan reveals my decade’s worth of lessons, embarrassments, regrets, love stories, shortcuts, and problem-solving strategies – all packed into a wild page-turner and actionable plan for a total life makeover anywhere in the world.

Travel the World Without Going Broke or Getting Kidnapped

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- Arden Joy, founder of Girls Who Travel
"This book is a must-have for every woman who has ever thought, I want to pack everything up and travel the world to be wild and free. The One-Way Ticket Plan is the ultimate guide for making your travel dreams a reality. It’s fun, relatable, and most importantly, filled with easy and actionable tips."

- Christian LeBlanc, creator of Lost LeBlanc and Lost Creator Academy
"Alexa West is one of the early digital nomad pioneers who discovered how to transform her travels from a short-lived vacation into an everyday lifestyle. She is a true leader in the space and an amazing example for all travelers who dream of booking that one-way ticket and living their daily life from the road.”

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The One-Way Ticket Plan provides the tools and inspiration to turn even the most inexperienced explorer into an expert traveler before even leaving the couch.

✓ Learn how to make money from anywhere in the world.
✓ Travel on a budget without compromising comfort. 
✓ Avoid scams, creeps and tourist traps.
✓ Navigate new cultures, strange foods and foreign languages
✓ Find your purpose and heal your soul


- college magazine

"The bible for solo female travelers"

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— Valerie Joy Wilson, travel expert and founder of Trusted Travel Girl

“The One-Way Ticket Plan will have you laughing, crying, and ditching your 9-to-5 for a lifestyle you love.”

— Beth Johnstone, creator of @sheisthelostgirl

"If I could go back in time and give my younger self this book, maybe she would have felt less alone in her choices to start traveling full-time.”

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Alexa is a best-selling travel author and hotel reviewer on a mission to change the way women travel the world — with less fear, more fun, and more money! Follow along with Alexa's adventures, and start planning your next trip!

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