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  • Founder of The Solo Girl's Travel Guide
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  • 10-Years of Living Abroad Full-Time 
  • Expert Trip Planner (For Asia and Mexico)
  • Professional Travel Anxiety-Squasher

AWARD-WINNING travel author on a mission to change the way women travel the world: with less fear and more fun (and more money)

Who is Alexa West?


“The trip planning process was incredibly smooth and the final itinerary exceeded my expectations! There is no way I could have planned such an awesome trip that checked all of my “must-do” boxes and then some. Even came in under budget!"

What happy clients are saying...

- Celeste (group of 10) / Thailand


- CEleste (group of 13) / Bali - 2 years later

"Chatting with Alexa inspired me to take action towards where I want to be in the future. We strategized a way to figure what that goal would look like and this honestly could be the start of a new career path. I even told my best friend about my chat with Alexa and now we’re both inspired and making a game plan for how we can be our own bosses and live our best life."

-Wynnona, Nomad Hopeful
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  • Get one-on-one access to Alexa for a 30-minute private planning!
  • Receive recommendations and resources tailored specifically to your individual travel preferences and travel bucket list.
  • Pack your itinerary with more adventure - and spend less money!

Why do I need this call before my trip?

Make your bucket-list dream trip come true!
  • Avoid tourist traps, mistakes, and problems ahead of time! 
  • Get rid of all that pre-travel anxiety with a "no stupid questions" Q&A!
  • Your organized itinerary containing all the recommendations and resources discussed during the planning session - sent to you after the session. 
Stress-Free Trip Planning:
More expensive.
More stressful. 
More basic. 
Less fun.
Less memorable. 
Less exciting. 
Without me, your trip will be...
  • Book your session
  • Fill out a short quiz
  • Have a one-on-one call with me
  • Your dream itinerary is created & delivered

Next Steps

STress-free planning

30-minute private planning and Q&A session with me.

Personalized trip-plan based on your travel preferences.

Detailed insights and guidance to kickstart your trip planning efficiently.

Extended 1-hour private planning and Q&A session with me.

More time for in-depth discussions and refining your travel plans.

Extra-personalized recommendations and resources to enhance your trip experience.

Increased opportunity for addressing specific questions or concerns regarding your trip.

Best For: New travelers, travelers with unique needs, group travel, traveling with anxiety!

Full 1-hour Exclusive Session with a Special Bonus:
A 30 Minutes planning Session:
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Alexa’s trip planning made planning my Thailand/Cambodia trip a breeze and I had such a blast on my trip. As someone who usually plans my own trips, I didn’t realize how amazing it would be to have Alexa’s trusted expertise to plan the perfect adventure for me. Not only did it make booking my trip/accommodations so easy and saved me countless hours researching online, but allowed me to visit more places hopping from island to island in Thailand than I would have on my own. While I still had plenty of time to discover on my own, the peace of mind knowing that I knew about the best spots and activities allowed me to be more present and enjoy my trip (instead of FOMO taking over!).

How Much Should I Invest in
My Dream Trip?

  • Extended 1-hour private planning and Q&A session with me.
  • More time for in-depth discussions and refining your travel plans.
  • Additional personalized recommendations and resources to enhance your trip experience.
  • Comprehensive review and fine-tuning of your itinerary for a more detailed and tailored travel plan.
  • Exclusive Bonus: Access to a curated list of hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations recommended by Alexa.

50% OFF on 1-Hour Exclusive Travel Planning

  • Benefit from a 30-minute private planning and Q&A session with me.
  • Receive tailored recommendations and resources based on your individual travel preferences.
  • Enjoy personalized attention to detail to ensure your trip reflects your unique interests and desires.
  • Join the ranks of successful women travelers who’ve unlocked the secrets to combining career success with global exploration.

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No tourist traps, fewer hiccups—just seamless exploration.

I’ll be carefully planning a special adventure just for you - based one what you don't like and what you dream of doing.

Picture secret routes and hidden gems waiting to be explored—each recommendation handpicked by a trusted expert in travel.

So you can explore like an insider, free from worries and tourist traps.

Choice #1: You can let me help you plan your dream trip

The Way I See It You’ve Got Two Choices

Choice #2: You can save $125 in the short-term 

But end up having a much more expensive trip.

Without me, you will likely get ripped off by a taxi driver, take a strange route that causes you to miss a flight or spend too much money on a hotel that isn't that great. 

To maintain quality, I’ve intentionally opened limited spots for these coveted planning sessions.

I want to ensure that each of you receives the attention and expertise you deserve.

And everyone gets a customized plan suited to their specific needs.

That’s why I can only accommodate a limited number of planning sessions.

Book Your Spot Before All Spots are Taken!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A private call with me. Plus, a follow-up email with your new itinerary that will make it easy for you to book your dream trip. That's all you need to worry about - let me handle the process in between. 

The cost of my trip planning sessions varies depending on the duration and level of service you choose. Whether you opt for my 30-minute discounted session or my full 1-hour exclusive session, rest assured that you'll be receiving personalized attention in both sessions and expertise from me throughout the process.

Yes! After you save your spot, I will send you my expertly-created Bucket List Questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire is where you dump all your ideas, dreams, and desires. But also where you tell me what you DON'T want in a trip. It's actually really fun...

  • Some travelers come to me with an itinerary totally ready ("Here is my itinerary; can you make it even better?")
  • Some travelers have just a rough itinerary and a bucket list ("I  want to see these things in these 4 cities").
  • Some travelers are just like..."I want a beach vacation in Bali with no bugs".
    If you fit one of these vibes, you're ready.

I find it's way easier for you to stay organized when you book everything yourself. But I will make it very easy for you by providing a follow-up email with links and support. 

The psychology quiz serve as foundational tool in my trip planning process. It's taken 5 years of testing to get it down to a science!
This quiz is fun for you to dump all your ideas, plans and worries on me. This quiz is my secret potion to understanding exactly how to approach creating the perfect trip for you, within (and even under) your budget. 

Travel agents send you to places not because they're amazing...but because THEY get a commission by telling you to go there. I don't do that. I am planning a trip for you as if you were my little sister or best friend.   

As an expert traveler with over 13 years of global expereince, I don't rely on generic recommendations or tourist traps – instead, I offer personal insights and tailored advice to ensure your trip is unforgettable and uniquely yours.

You are only seeing this price if you're on my email list or one of my loyal readers or followers. This is a secret price just for the people who support me. love you.