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I dare you to find someone who has stayed in more hotels than me. Drop me in a hotel for 48 hours and I can tell you what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better to increase profits and guest satisfaction.

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I like conversations - which can be on a stage, in a studio or on camera walking through a night market. Podcast guest, on-camera host, summit conversations or panels - I love to talk about what I do and how I can help you.

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I am so blessed to be living my dream life as an author. I am always open to fly to spaces that inspire me, where I can spend my days writing. Bonus points if there is a dog or a cat that will listen to me read my most recent manuscript out-loud. 

Read more about my pet sitting & housesitting experience on my TrustedHousesitters profile here or contact me below (or have your cat contact me down below).

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Want to contribute to the blog? I love to feature the perspective of other solo female travelers.


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- Michael Lakos, Owner at Krabi Sunset Cruises
Featured in Thailand: The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide

Since being featured in The Solo Girl's Travel Guidebook for Thailand, we have received over 200 bookings at $90 per head, directly from Alexa's book. That amounts to over $18,000 USD is sales. Not only do we get solo female travelers -but we also get solo male travelers, couples and families, too. The reach of this guide has been nothing short of incredible. We are also extremely proud to be associated with a guide that encourages females to travel independently.

That amounts to over $18,000 USD in sales.

- Kelly, Boutique Hotel Owner in Bali
Featured in Bali: The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide

Alexa is very supportive of small businesses. My hotel offers Alexa's readers tailored packages in the Solo Girls Travel Guide book for Bali. This strategy significantly increased both long and short stay bookings plus helped achieve the goal of no longer using online agents like Any business that wants to specialize in solo female travel should consider working with Alexa as a proven & low cost, sales and marketing partner.

A proven low cost, sales and marketing partner.

- Yande, Tour Company Owner in Bali
Featured in Bale: The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide

I was able to start my own company thanks to the daily influx of business that Alexa sends me from her guidebooks, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook groups. I have employed my friends who are also so grateful to receive Alexa's travel girls and groups on a daily basis. Alexa is a community-builder and a friend who connects wonderful travelers with local people like me. Alexa's readers and fans are incredible, and I have the honor of spending every day with them. 

Nearly 100% of my customers are from Alexa

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