Hi, It's Alexa. I want to brag about my travel best friend, Emilia, and how we met....

Emilia bought my Bali book and flew to Bali for a one-month trip. And then COVID happened. She reached out to me during lockdown. We met for lunch. We instantly clicked. And then we moved in together a week later. Her natural talents as an artist and graphic designer seeped their way into my brand and now she's my official business parter at The Solo Girl's Travel Guide. 

And it all started because she bought my book. 

We travel together, write books together, host Glow Up Trips together and plan life together. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk to each other. She's my biggest cheerleader and I am hers. We are #TravelBFFs. 

Emilia now lives in Spain...with a guy she met while we were traveling in Baja Sur, Mexico. 
She is an amazing photographer. I recommend following her on Instagram just to the world through her eyes. 
She's also an incredible writer gifted with a spiritual energy that flows into whoever reads her writing. 

To add some of Emilia's magic into your life, visit her website. 
And sign up for her email list. It's *chef's kiss*.

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