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Travel the world, make money and find your purpose. 


The One-Way Ticket

This is the course I wish I had when I first started traveling. 

The course that would have helped me make money faster, spend money slower and avoid the scams, creeps and tourist traps along the way. 

...let me teach you everything I know about travel. 

Trying to save up to travel but feeling you’ll never have enough money to travel long-term?

Burnt out and unfulfilled at your job and just want to make a difference in the world or a change in your life?

About to start your digital nomad journey or landed a job abroad - but feeling nervous about how to begin the journey?

Low-key dreading the idea of traveling alone, making friends or finding love on the other side of the world?

Worried about safety, money, health and happiness as a traveler?

Ready to just go already…but want to do it without making a million rookie mistakes?

do you relate to?

How many of these things

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In this course, I’ll hold your hand through it all. 
Think of me as your travel big sister. 

Step by step, we will cover:

  • Real-world, practical advice on how travel can lower your cost of living, help pay off debt, grow a bank account, or simply support a financially sustainable adventure
  • Tips for using travel to escape a toxic relationship, toxic family, or toxic job
  • Guidance on the details, such as traveling safely; managing money; using strange toilets; coping with friendships and loneliness, romance and heartbreak; exploring cultures; recovering from culture shock; planning, prepping, and packing for journeys; dealing with unfamiliar foods; finding help when needed; and handling hiccups and bumps, like getting sick, that may derail your travel
  • Guidance on deciding when — and if — to return to home as the new version of you.

The book was your starting point. 
This course is your planning point. 

Based on the bestselling book, The One-Way Ticket Plan, This book is a course!

-Tilly, cubicle to content creator in Bali

 Want to leave behind your normal job and choose a life of adventure?
Join this club!

-Tilly, cubicle to content creator in Bali

If you're looking to maximize your experience without the headaches and heartaches, this is for you!

…with the mistakes, tears and lessons I experienced traveling - The One-Way Ticket Club is the guidance and support I wish I had when I first began my travels.

But still…

My life has been a dream. A totally attainable dream! A dream so attainable that you will laugh. (Why don’t they teach us this in school - why?)

You don’t need a boyfriend or a big bank account to travel the world. I left Seattle on a one-way ticket to the other side of the world with just $200 in my pocket. That was the best decision I ever made. Now, I travel the world full-time, make more money than I dreamed possible and have friends on every continent. 

…but, if I stayed home, I would have stayed stuck would have struggled. Instead, I followed my gut and chose better for myself.

So, instead of reading a billion blogs and following 12,000 "life coaches" on Instagram - let’s simplify the process from couch to travel with just one course (and one book - really, get the book if you’re serious about this). 

This course is designed to help you make a travel plan - whether that plan lasts for a month, a year or a lifetime. 

Inside The One-Way Ticket Club

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So…are you in?

5 Inner Journeys — Tools to take with you. I didn’t used to believe this spiritual stuff - but I can tell you that my spiritual journey has had a direct connection to my happiness, my courage and my bank account while traveling. I want to show you what I do in my bedroom when no one is looking (this is not X-rated, don’t worry) that, if you take with you, will fast-track you to finding your purpose and financial fulfillment. 

Office hours with me. Once a week, I’ll be answering your email questions. 

Every few months, club meet-ups, both in-person and online! 

Notion Hub — For our specific plan of planning your literal life - Notion is the best place for us to do that. Say goodbye to a million tabs open on your browser. Notion is the most organized way for us to get you organized. No clutter. No confusion. Just a gentle flow of step-by-step paths to getting you going. 

Four organized, easy-to-manage modules with 23 lessons, personal stories, resources, online tools, digital resources and templates.

12 videos with step-by-step guidance
on topics covered in the book like finding jobs, searching for housing, booking flights, staying safe, getting courage to go and become so savvy that you avoid the scams, creeps and tourist traps. 

Access to monthly emails
that include hand-picked job listings and volunteer opportunities around the world that could be whisk you away to a new reality. 

Access to our private One-Way Ticket Club Community
where you can make friends with other people who get you! Share resources, ask questions and work together to accomplish your goals. I’ll be in there, too. 

Interactive exercises, journal prompts, checklists, templates
that you’ll edit, personalize, and map out your travel plan to help you take action and experience a smooth transition into your life as a traveler. 

The One-Way Ticket Club

A Peek Inside

- and you don’t have to join a pyramid scheme to make it happen! 

There are possibilities available to you right now that will fund your travels and lead you to your purpose

- Melissa, A balanced Traveler

For me, it's the connection with other travel women that I love. I'm not a full-time traveler, but I'm a full-time travel lover. 

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Just Get Me Outta Here

When I first left to travel, I was broke! And my goal is to get you un-broke. So I get it that we are not all in the same financial stage in life. So, please select the price that most aligns with your financial possibilities. 

and Start your Journey

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— Melissa

"We have matching tattoos, does that mean we're in a cult now? Maybe and I love it. I don't have girlfriends at home or even know anyone in my town that sees the world the way that I do. So to have instant friends that are also dreaming of changing everything in their lives is refreshing. I don't feel misunderstood anymore. ”

— Shelby

"Yes, I've learned a ton about how to be a better traveler but even more valuable is the friendships and connections I've made with the other girls in the club. We really vibe off each other and lift each other up. It's cool to have other girls to turn to when I'm trying to solve a problem or make a decision. ”

we help each other grow

Join the Sisterhood

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  • Lesson 17: Stay a While
  • Lesson 18: Homesick and Sick of Home
  • Lesson 19: Bummers
  • Lesson 20: Back Home
  • Lesson 21: A Blessing and a Curse
  • Lesson 22: This Course is Almost Over 
  • Lesson 23: A Proposition


Module 04

  • Lesson 11: How to Afford This When You Think You Can’t Afford This
  • Lesson 12: Trip Planning
  • Lesson 13: Packing
  • Lesson 14: Prepping
  • Lesson 15: The Purge
  • Lesson 16: Leaving and Landing


Module 03

  • Lesson 5: How to Gracefully Handle Culture Shock
  • Lesson 6: Safety and Scary Things
  • Lesson 7: Friendship & Lonliness 
  • Lesson 8: Love and Dating
  • Lesson 9: Happy Days and Hard Days
  • Lesson 10: Finding Your Purpose


Module 02

  • Lesson 1: You’re a Traveler Now 
  • Lesson 2: Pick Your Path 
  • Lesson 3: The Power of Solo Travel 
  • Lesson 4: Travel is Rescue 


Module 01

One-Way Ticket Club

The Breakdown of the

- Kat, Corporate Badass - Looking for What's Next

If you're looking to maximize your experience without the common headaches and heartaches, this is for you!

Hi, I’m Lexi, 

I’m the founder and CEO of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide and author of The One-Way Ticket plan. I’m a multiple bestselling travel author and hotel reviewer who teaches women how to travel the world without going broke or getting kidnapped. In 2011, I left Seattle on a one-way ticket to the other side of the world as a poor person who had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After making a million rookie travel mistakes, I finally decided to start documenting my lessons to teach other women how to avoid the scams, creeps, and tourist traps. 

Let me help you get un-stuck. 

I left Seattle with just $200 in my pocket…

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I’m a normal girl that came from nothing and got so fed up of struggling that I dedicated my life to creating a new path. 
And that path is here. 
I love you and I want more for you. 
Whether you’re ready to travel tomorrow or next year - let’s start planning now. 

This is real. This really happens.
I’m not an influencer selling you an unrealistic dream.

I became…
... A digital nomad / freelance writer in Vietnam
... A six-figure digital nomad in Bali 

And now, I’m a best selling author and hotel review who gets paid to assess the quality and viability of the tourism industry.

I was catapulted from clueless budget backpacker to solo female travel expert who now paves the way for women to travel alone safely, make money from anywhere and discover their purpose along the way.

And I live for the messages I wake up to every single day from women who have left behind toxic relationships, deadened jobs and unfulfilling routines to live their best lives. 

All this support gave me the time and freedom to discover how to make my own money and pay for my own travels. 

A Housesitter (living for free) in Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand

A broke backpacker in The Philippines
& A barefoot bartender in Cambodia

A broke backpacker in The Philippines
A barefoot bartender in Cambodia

An English Teach in South Korea (all expenses paid)

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Eastern Europe (all expenses paid)

Did you know that there are opportunities out there that will pay for you to travel? 

I moved from Thinkific ( a “fancy” course platform” because I found it impersonal). Notion is a game-changing all-in-one workspace where you can customize, systemize, and create your own path forward. It also happens to be one of the fastest & most powerful productivity platforms out there. And a little secret: Using Notion instead of the ostentatius platforms allows me to keep this price low and realistic for you...because I sure wasn't rolling in dough when I first decided to travel. 

Why Notion? 

Due to the nature of this online information that I’ve spent a lifetime curating, all purchases are final and no refunds will be available.

What is your refund policy?

No. You’ve got to be all in. The good news is that “all in” is easy. And you can always go back. Everything is fully editable and easy to update so if you need to rethink or redo a section at any point in the future, go for it! It's important to remember this is not a “fix-all,” simplifying your life takes time. Let it sink in mentally before you execute it physically. And remember to enjoy the process of creating your own reality. 

Will downloading this PDF magically teleport me to South Korea or Ecuador?

I recommend four weeks; one week for each module - but you can absolutely do it slower or faster. 

But remember, this isn’t just a course - it’s a club! You have yearly membership so spend a year with me in our bi-monthly online meet-ups and in-person meet-ups, hang out with us in the private group, send me your questions during office hours, I’m yours for a year. 

How long will it take me to finish the course?

This email will also contain a members-only PDF with the top secret link to access our private Facebook community. When you join, you’ll be prompted to tell us the email you signed up for the course with - once we verify, you’re in!

How Do I Access the Secret Online Community?

Upon successful purchase, your access to The One-Way Ticket Club will be delivered right to your inbox where you will find the secret link to access the course in Notion. 

After I buy the course, then what?

Anyone who wants to a) travel and b) travel and make money. 

Who is this course for?

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Travel the world, make money and find your purpose. 

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