Anahata Resort Review – Koh Samui, Thailand

Today, I’m bringing you a detailed review of the Anahata Resort in Lipa Noi. This hotel is known for it’s spiritual healing, yoga and healthy menu and drinks. It’s beachfront. It has the best sunsets. And there are palm trees everywhere! Get ready for a peaceful place to stay on Koh Samui island in Thailand.

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Best for...

Yoga and healing. Hammocks and reading. Tanning and swimming.

Sunset at Anahata Resort


I was greeted with a welcome drink and personalized service that immediately made me feel special. Then a porter carried my bag to my room where I was given a full introduction to my little bungalow and amenities.


I spent $80 a night for my beachfront bungalow with 180-degree views of the Ocean, but there are cheaper rooms and prices very depending on the season! So…


Located on the quiet beach of Lip Noi, far away from the parties and crowds of Chaweng! Anahata is beachfront which means that you’ll wake up to the sight and sound of the ocean every day. It’s also on the sunset side of the island!

Room and Bed

Amazing bed. The world’s best pillows. Totally dark blackout curtains.

I went for the beachfront bungalow which allowed me to lay in bed and look out onto the water and the sunset! You can keep half of the curtains open for a view while maintaining your privacy. But the room was far enough away from the lobby that I felt secluded.

Beach at Anahata Resort


The bathroom featured a bathtub. The bathwater could have been hotter, but it was relaxing nonetheless.


Anahata offers robes, lock boxes, umbrellas, and even tea in the room.

Amenities in the room of Anahata Resort.

Pool Vibe

The pools weren’t that exciting. They were a bit small. Sometimes the pool was empty and sometimes it had a few groups in there at one time. Honestly, though, the beach is so beautiful that I didn’t even think about getting in the pool.

Pool view at Anahata Resort.

Food and Drink

Wonderful breakfast! A huge spread. I got both bacon and an omelet (maybe the best omelet I’ve had with cheese and veggies and almost flavored like it was cooked in a seasoned wok). And because this is a yoga-friendly place with vegans, I also got lentils and fried rice. I’m not going to need to eat again til 3pm. Not to mention, they have fresh just and iced americanos!

Your next meal should be next door at their sister restaurant called Chill Inn. Try the Green Curry!

Social Vibe

This place seems popular with yogi Russians who were very friendly and chatty with each other, and filled the breakfast dining room with great vibes. Im sure that if I joined in on a group yoga class I would have made a friend. But during this stay, I preferred to keep to myself, which was very easy to do.


They have two big pools, a yoga shala and a steam room. You’ll find fliers on site that over chakra cleansing and spiritual healing sessions as well.

Majestic tree at Anahata Resort.

How to spend your day

Begin your day with a group yoga session, followed by a hearty breakfast. Spend the rest of your day lounging by one of the two pools or exploring the local beach bars. Then sit in the water and watch the stunning sunset.

Serene view of the beach at Anahata Resort.


Unfortunately, the WiFi could use a boost as it didn’t quite reach my secluded bungalow, but I found that to be a blessing. When I needed better wifi, I’d head to the restaurant where it worked just fine!

Staff Hospitality

The staff at Anahata Resort were fabulous from the moment I arrived, they even came out to greet me and grab my bags! The breakfast staff were happy with big smiles, coming up to guests and seeing how they’re doing. I didnt even have to ask for a coffee or omelet, the lovely man that works here approached and asked me! I watched him wandering around and happily chit-chatting with guests. So nice!

Noise & Smell

With the hotel located right by the ocean, the sound of waves crashing was a constant soundtrack. As for the smell, it was fresh and clean, adding to the overall relaxing ambiance.


Anahata could improve its eco-friendliness by eliminating the use of plastic straws, but the glass water bottles in the room were appreciated.

Do I feel safe?

Absolutely! Lipa Noi is an extremely safe beach.

Three Tips for Staying at Anahata Resort

When you arrive, immediately look into their yoga classes and healing sessions.

The odds of getting stung by a dangerous jellyfish are very low, but I did come across a couple of jellies that made my leg itch for a moment. Just keep an eye out.

Definitely book the beachfront bungalow if you can. It’s worth it.

Check Out

The checkout process was smooth and hassle-free. They even drove me down the road to my other hotel for free!

Value for Money

Absolutely on point.


My overall rating for Anahata is 7/10. The hotel felt a little outdated in design but the beachfront location, the restaurant and the warmth of the staff made up for it completely!

How they handle feedback: I spoke to the manager about the WiFi and bathwater issues, and she was very receptive. It’s important to provide feedback gracefully – no hotel is perfect, but we can all learn and improve!

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