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Yes, Bali is an island in the country of Indonesia - so why not make this page about Indonesia? Because Bali is SO different from the rest of the country. While Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world, Bali is a Hindu island with its own traditions. Venture just slightly off path, to the Gili Islands of Lombok, and you'll be awakened by a Muslim call to prayer at 5am. I'd say that Bali isn't religious - Bali is spiritual. You'll understand when you arrive...

The island of Bali - also known as "the island of the gods" - is an island that calls you when you're ready. If you're being called to go to Bali, don't ignore the call. Something is waiting for you there. An awakening, perhaps. 

(wet season aka green season)
* Occasional (and exciting) storms
* Fewer people = less crowded attractions
* Cheaper prices!
(dry season)
* Best surfing conditions
* More people = more crowds = higher prices
* Sunny weather with fewer rain showers

February - June & September - November 

When to Visit Bali

Canggu – Pool parties, sunset drinks, beautiful people, Instagram life and drunk mayhem.
Seminyak – Sexy beach clubs, boutique shopping, a fabulous nightlife scene and incredible food.  
Ubud - My home. Ubud is known for yoga retreats, healers, waterfalls and rice fields. 
Sidemen - Bali's hidden gem that even many expats have never been too. See the real Bali by exploring nearby villages and rice fields. 
Amed - A tiny fishing town on the very east of the island where local life is well preserved. 
Nusa Penida -  A big island with gorgeous beaches but terrible traffic and lots of stairs to climb. 
Nusa Lembongan - A flatter island with stunning beaches that is fun to ride a scooter around. 
Nusa Ceningan - A tiny island where no cars are allowed, attached to Nusa Lembongan. You don't need a scooter to bar hop. 
Uluwatu - Best surfing and amazing beaches! 

Island Breakdown

My Top Advice 

♡ Visit a spiritual healer - (see my guidebook)
♡ Participate in a traditional water ceremony
♡ Make a DIY Flower Bath
♡ Go out to sea at 5am with a local fisherman
♡ Visit Nusa Lembongan Island
♡ Attend a Kecak Fire Dance 
♡ Go beach-hopping in Uluwatu 
♡ Have a floating breakfast in the pool
♡ Get as many Balinese massages as possible

Must-Do Bali Adventures

Best Restaurants
1. Room4Dessert, Ubud
2. Locavore, Ubud
3. Sangsaka, Seminyak

Best Beach Clubs
1. La Brisa, Echo Beach
2. The Lawn, Canggu
3. Single Fin, Uluwatu

Must Eat & Drink Here

Alexa's Favorite Bali Hotels 

  • Every year, the Bali airport shuts down for 24-hours in observation of the silent holiday called Nyepi. It's a special holiday to witness! Next Nyepi date is March 11, 2024.

  • Immigration is very strict on working illegally. You cannot make money in Bali on a tourist or social visa. You can work from your laptop as long as money comes from outside the island. 

Know Before You Go 

* Join my Girls in Bali Facebook Group for a supportive community of women
* Say "Hell No" to Drugs - they're so illegal!
* Wear a crossbody purse and don't take it off - pickpockets can be a problem.
* Cheap alcohol = fake alcohol = wicked hangover 
* Do not walk alone at night - call a GrabTaxi 
* Do NOT use money exchange counters on the street.

Safety Tips for Bali

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