Hiking in Bali: The Best Trails in Bali

Nature Hiking on the Island of the Gods

You can be forgiven for not immediately thinking of hiking in Bali as the go-to thing to do in Bali. Bali is usually synonymous with the surfer lifestyle in Canggu, the relaxing yoga places of Ubud and sipping cold beers while watching the sunset on Nusa Lembongan. But hiking in Bali isn’t to be written off. There are some incredible hikes with a wide variety of terrain and scenery that make for a fun afternoon or an entire day trip.

1. Tegalalang – Ubud’s Rice Terraces

For the best Tegalalang experiences when visiting Bali, watch my Ubud, Bali travel blog here where I show you how properly explore the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. 

Things to do in Ubud: See the sunrise at Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang has been the picture perfect postcard rice terrace for years and is featured in every guide book about Bali. It’s a must-do in Ubud. The rice terrace only a short ride or drive from Ubud (about 15-20 minutes). Whilst not exactly a hike, you’ll be jumping across small man-made ditches and streams that irrigate the paddies and climbing steep steps. Don’t wear white or high heels (ya’ll, I’ve seen some shit). 

While you’re at these Ubud rice terraces, you can get on one of those giant swings, buy a fresh coconut, or ice cold Bintang beer. Well worth the entrance fee of around 10,000 rupiah.


2. West Bali National Park

Spend a few days off the beaten path in national park in the west of Bali or to give it its proper name, Taman Nasional Bali Barat. The park is 190 square kilometers and when you include the protected zone, that makes up for up to 10% of the whole of Bali. The park has everything from beaches to jungle, rivers to volcanoes. For an in-depth read, go here. 


3. Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge walk in Bali.

If you’re less into hiking for the fitness and fresh air and more into it for photography and Instagram stories, then this is the walk for you. Just on the border of central Ubud you’ll find this beautiful ridge walk. I recommend going in the morning. Either for sunrise at around 6:30 am (when the weather is cooler) or at 8am when you can walk to Karsa Spa and have one of the best massages and/or flower baths in Bali.  


4. Mount Batur

Mt Batur hike in the morning to get the best view of the sunrise.

Some people say it’s an easy 2-hour hike (I know children who have hiked it) and others say its a tough trek (I am convinced there are two trails…but have not yet found the proof!). But if you’re after the best sunrise in Bali, then the Mount Batur Hike is for you. At this altitude, you’re usually above the clouds and will have beautiful views across the jungle with volcanic peaks dotted across the horizon. Book your Hike on Airbnb Experiences. Some are private (no strangers) and others are with a group (the best opportunity to meet other travelers in Bali). Oh and one more thing you need to know…these hiking excursions include a 1am pick-up in order to catch the sunrise…


Hiking in Bali is Best in the Morning

Avoid the heat! Bring a water bottle and drink lots of water (it’s easy to get dehydrated in this Indonesian climate). Save the beers as a treat for AFTER the hike, you animals.

Remember, before you visit Bali – get your Bali travel guides all at once. I wrote everything I know down in one book and this is it. 

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Psst. If you’re coming to Bali to be active – don’t come without travel insurance!

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