10 Best Travel Beauty Products I Would Die Without: Essential Travel Makeup

Best Travel Beauty Products and Essential Travel Makeup

I love makeup. I love to travel. I love to buy makeup while traveling.

I do not, however, love packing my makeup bag full of products that, in all honesty, have a high probability of going unused during my travels.

As much as I appreciate the options I have when packing 5 different lipsticks, deep in my heart I know I’ll stick to the most natural color and rock that look throughout my trip.

So, combining the never-ending quest of finding life-changing beauty essentials and the very tall order of trying to pack as little as possible, I have come across 10 travel beauty products I would die without.

I actually still don’t know how I previously survived without them….

Anyways, Welcome to my world of “Glam-packing”. Kind of like backpacking…but cuter.

The holy grail! I’m on bottle #2 and see myself traveling with this CC Cream til I die.

This buildable coverage color-correcting CC cream is hydrating, long-wearing, and protects your skin with SPF 50.

1 bottle lasts an entire year. $39 per bottle = 10 cents per day.

Yes, yes I do travel with this entire palette. It has every color I need to keep up with my glowing tan…and every tone I need when I lose that tan.

Many days, I don’t even bother with foundation. Instead, I use the yellow under my eyes, the highlighter on my cheekbones and then I play with the bronze and contour colors which cover-up and correct my skin tone.

Traveling with that “no make-up look” actually requires a bit of makeup.

Hiding the veins and dark spots on my eye, this one-swipe cream allows me to look put together with minimal effort.

It’s perfect for wearing on its own but is also a travel-worthy eyeshadow primer to help my glitter pigments stay put on sweaty nights out.

I’ve literally been using this Mac Paint Pot since I was 13 years old. I’ve tried other eyeshadow bases and concealers, and ALWAYS come back to this beauty.

This multi-purpose balm can be used not only to hydrate lips, but for all areas of dry skin. I slather this on my hands, cuticles, knees, elbows, and heels when they need extra moisture. The soothing rose extract also relieves any minor skin irritations, from bug bites to razor burn.

When traveling light, I mix this with blush to give my lips a pop of color, dab some on my cheekbones for highlighting, and use under my eyes to help keep lines and wrinkles at bay.

After days spent on the beach with the hot sun beating on my delicate skin, my face NEEDS moisture. To keep my nose from peeling and my skin from drying out, I use an ultra-hydrating face mask once or twice a week.

These face masks are small and sleek, so they take up no room at all in my bag.

In humid weather, there is literally ZERO point in putting  makeup on if you’re not going to set it with a finishing spray.

NYX Professional Setting Spray oxidizes your makeup, helping each layer bind together on your skin. That means no runny foundation or slippery blush.

And heck, when you just need a refreshing mist throughout the day – go for another spritz!

When traveling, I don’t have the space to pack my arsenal of moisturizers and toners.

Thankfully, I came across this cruelty-free 8-in-1 cream to meet all my needs on the road.

This cream is lightweight and hydrating. It stimulates collagen production, increasing my skin’s firmness and elasticity. It also smoothes textured skin and brightens your complexion. My skin feels incredibly soft after using this at night and acts as a great primer under makeup during the day.

Plagued by very fair, sensitive, acne-prone skin with a plethora of underlying redness, this color-correcting treatment is a godsend.

The cream changes from green to beige when rubbed on your skin and self-adjusts to your skin tone for a photoshop blurring effect. It reduces redness and inflammation, smoothes and moisturizes your skin, and keeps your face protected with SPF 30.

When you’re traveling, you don’t always have the time to wash your hair!

Add volume and keep your locks looking fresh, even after a 19-hour plane ride.

This dry-shampoo is my favorite travel hair-product ever, but because it’s aerosol, you’ll need to check it!

Last but not least, a little damage control.

When you’re traveling, dirt and sweat are just inevitable. If you have acne-prone skin, these are the perfect little patches to throw on your face at night whenever you feel a cyst coming along. In the morning, that sucker is long-gone.


You don’t need the false eyelashes and you don’t need the full-coverage foundation.

But you do need to realise that what works on your face back home, will not work on your face while traveling!

Prep now. Spend less time in the mirror later. Cause you’ve got adventures to see.

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