Want more shopping? Here’s a video I made a couple years back that will give you an idea of 
HOW MUCH I carry when I travel to Bali. Pack with Me in this Video.


Packing for Bali takes finesse, girls! You need to be prepared for a wide range of Bali adventures from swimming on some of the world’s best beaches to taking Instagram photos in Bali’s most Instagrammable cafes. The key to packing for Bali is balance!

In this Bali packing list, I’m going to show you what to bring on a proper Bali vacation. Follow this solo female travel guide – and you won’t have to worry about over-packing or underpacking.

Here we go. Here is the ultimate Bali packing list for solo female travelers.


#1 The Bags

Backpack for Bali Packing List

Multi Pocket Crossbody Bag

This is the Osprey Fairview 55L. This is the bag I travel all around the world with. Get it. 

Anti-theft Travel Backpack

The zippers keep your things secure, the pockets keep your things organized.

Cute-Ass Fanny Pack

Embrace the fanny pack lifestyle. This fits your phone, passport, wallet and extras. 

Dry Bag for Water Adventures

Going on a boat or to the beach? Stuff your camera, notebook and valuables in here. 


Girls, Indonesia is hot. Like HOT HOT. And while in an ideal world, we’d be running around in a tank top and shorts, we can’t do that because #Indonesia. We’ve got to keep in mind that Indonesia is a relatively conservative country – both on the streets and in the temples.

So trust me when I say that balancing your India wardrobe is an art form.


Quick Dry Leggings

For plane rides and car rides…and whatever else you may ride (that sounds accidentally dirty so I’m just going to leave it). Get two pairs!

A Pair Of Jean Shorts

These are the pair of jean shorts that I’ve been rocking lately. Levi’s Women’s 501 Original shorts. They have many styles.

Active Wear

I live in this dress from Halara. I have it in 5 colors. Yes, FIVE. Built in shorts and bra!


Active shorts for hikes

And just for comfy days out. This pair has a stretchy waist band that feels like shapewear.


Dresses are the most versatile articles of clothing in your bag! Dress them up for a night out, cover your knees for a day of temple hopping or throw one on to look airport chic.

Here are my favorite affordable dress picks…

#4 Undies


The best travel undies for hot weather



#7 Electronics

Portable Phone Charge

This External Battery. I love that it has the built-in cords.

Drone with  Dual Primary Cameras 

Bali is the #1 best place to learn to fly a drone (rice fields are easy to fly over and stunning from the sky).

#8 Makeup

#9 Hair & Toiletries

Olaplex Shampoo

Bali water is not kind to hair. You need a good shampoo.

Olaplex Hair Mask

Bali heat is also not kind to hair. 

Wet Brush

…for after the beach

#10 Banking & Money

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Ticket Plan

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Find and Fund Your Purpose while Traveling the World

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