How to Make a DIY Flower Bath in Bali


How to make your own flower bath in Bali (it’s a lot cheaper & more fun!).

I love flowers… I love baths, and what is better than a flower bath?

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a DIY flower bath in Bali.

I’m going to take you to a local market where we are going to collect the flowers from the vendors, get the flower petals and we’re going to come home and make a DIY flower bath.

So when you visit Bali & when you come to Ubud, you can do this yourself by following this video! Check it out:


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Making a flower bath at your own villa is going to be a lot less expensive than in getting a flower bath at a hotel which starts around 200,000IDR. This flower bath is going to be a LOT cheaper.

Plus, what a fun experience, going to the market to pick up the petals!


So we asked our amazing driver to take us to Peliatan Market where we’re going to collect the flower petals. Peliatan Market is a very local market in Ubud, and I recommend you come even just to have a look around and see what you can find.


The flowers that we got are 5 bags of about 1 kg each, and they were 5K (IDR) per bag. However, when it comes closer to religious dates and ceremonies here in Bali, then the flowers are more in demand those prices might double, and go up to 10K (IDR).

In the video I show you exactly how to locate my flower lady, so if you’d love to DIY your own flower bath make sure you watch my video and subscribe to support my channel.

This market is a really cool place to come and walk around and buy some local stuff and experience a little local Bali life first hand.

If you are looking for some traditional Balinese clothes for the ceremony, prices are way lower here than they’re going to be anywhere else.

Where to go:

Pasar Desa Peliatan” or “Peliatan Market” in Ubud.


~25,000IDR-50,000IDR = $1.77-$4USD (depending whether you’re shopping close to religious days when flowers are in demand).

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