Best Cities for Digital Nomads: Rice terraces in Thailand

Screw the 9-5 rat race!

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Bulgaria - one of the best cities for digital nomads

For those Digital Nomads who are looking for a healthy balance of work and travel, Sofia is the perfect spot to call home. Take a bus to Greece, hop on a train to Turkey, jump on a quick flight to Italy – there are so many cool destinations nearby. AND the fact that Bulgaria has one of the fastest internet connections in the world certainly doesn’t hurt. 

Average Rent in Sofia: $400 USD / Month

Best Coworking Space: Puzl CowOrKing


Most western passports get you a 6-month Visa for Mexico, no questions asked. Grab your laptop, pack your suitcase, and move to Puerto Vallarta- a small beach town with plenty of places to eat, party, and work. Great for solo Digital Nomads or young couples who enjoy working hard during the day and partying at night. There are plenty of places to work here, including a Starbucks (*gasp*)!

Average Rent in Puerto Vallarta: $250 USD / Month

Best Coworking Space: Vallarta Cowork

Puerto Vallarta Mexico - great for solo digital nomads


Taipei, Taiwan has a great internet speed which makes it a good city for digital nomads

A city unlike any other, the laptop lifestyle is so enjoyable in Taipei. With a seamlessly organized bus and Skytrain system, a relatively non-existent crime rate, an abundance of high-speed internet spaces for work, and an overflow of night markets with cheap & delicious food…it’s not long until Taipei becomes the new hot spot for Digital Nomads. 

Average Rent in Taipei: $350 USD / Month

Best Coworking Space: Kafnu


A beach town full of cafes and street food; it’s easy to live a productive yet laid back lifestyle in Danang. Join the fast-growing Digital Nomad community in Danang where you collaborate, cowork, and attend small conferences to grow your business. There’s always some Digital Nomad meet up happening. Get amongst it to get your wheels spinning.

Average Rent in Danag: $450 per month

Best Coworking Space: DNC

Danang, Vietnam has a fast-growing Digital Nomad community


Prague, Czech Republic has a rich history and wild nightlife.

Prague is famous for its rich history and wild nightlife. Get inspired on during your “work days” and let loose on your days off. Cost of living is a bit more expensive than some of the other Digital Nomad destinations on this list, but you get what you pay for with gorgeous architecture, western standards of living, and an open-minded culture.

Average Rent in Prague: $700

Best Coworking Space: Locus Workspace


One of the oldest cities in the world has some of the best Wifi on the planet! Cobblestone streets and Roman ruins next to craft beer houses and H&M – Plovdiv offers the best of both worlds for Digital Nomads. Here, it’s easy to make friends with locals and expats while getting into a comfortable work routine. Plovdiv is an awesome choice for someone looking to create a life of their own.

Average Rent in Plovdiv: $240

Best Coworking Space: Cat and Mouse Co-working Space

Plovdiv has some of best Wifi on the planet. A perfect city for digital nomads.


Hanoi - Head to your favorite coffee shop and you can work there.

Embrace the motorbike culture in Hanoi as you jump on the back of a motorbike taxi to head to your favorite coffee shop – laptop and earbuds in tow. Digital Nomads can work with a lake view one day and tuck themselves in a cozy coffee nook the next. Hanoi is such an easy city to get around, that exploring with your laptop is half the fun.

Average Rent in Hanoi: $300 USD / Month

Best Coworking SpaceToong Coworking Space


Now that Pablo Escobar & Co. are gone, Medellin has become a safe and comfortable city for locals and expats. Female friendly, LGBT safe, and open to racial diversity- Medellin has the potential to become the ultimate melting pot of digital nomads in South America.

Average Rent in Medellin: $400 USD/ Month

Best Coworking Space: La Casa Redonda Coworking Space

Medellin has the potential to become the ultimate melting pot of digital nomads


Bangkok, Thailand has super-fast wifi that's why it's on my top 5 as the best cities for digital nomads.

Move into a brand-new condo building with a gorgeous pool, private gym, library working space, and most likely a 7/11 attached for those mid-workday snacks, starting at $300 a month in Bangkok. You can get all of this plus super-fast wifi all while being smack dab in the thick of markets, street food, shopping, and expat nightlife.

Average Rent in Bangkok: $280 USD/ Month

Best Coworking Space: DraftBoard


Hunker down in Kiev and get some serious work done. When you want to get off the expat path and away from the trendy coworking spaces, Kiev is a fabulous option with fast wifi, a decent level of English speaking locals, and cheap cost of living! Your biggest expenses will be rent- after that, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost of food, transportation, and entertainment.

Average Rent in Kiev: $475

Best Coworking Space: Chasopys Creative Space

Kiev, Ukraine - Low cost of living, locals speaking in English and very fast wifi.


Ho Chi Minh City – a Digital Nomad destination

Eat your way through the “work day” in Ho Chi Minh City – a Digital Nomad destination that gives your cheap street food options everywhere you turn. And with super relaxed visa restrictions, you can theoretically stay as long as you’d like – with a few border runs in-between.

Average Rent in Ho Chi Minh City: $300 USD/month

Best Coworking Space: The Hive Saigon


Digital Nomad Paradise for beginners! If you’re just starting out or experimenting with the ‘Digital Nomad’ lifestyle, you’ll be in great company in Chiang Mai. This small city has a welcoming expat community, is easy to navigate on foot, has never-ending options for cheap food (both Thai and international), and everything is in English.

Average Rent in Chiang Mai: $200 USD/month

Best Coworking Space: Punspace Wiang Kaew

Chiang Mai - A Digital Nomad Paradise for beginners


Bali one of the best coworking spaces in the world!

Come to Bali for one of the best coworking spaces in the world- Dojo in the popular beach town of Canggu- and stay for the awesome international community full of expats either working remotely, teaching English, or fully retired. Oh, and the lush tropical jungle plus stunning beaches don’t hurt either.

Average Rent in Bali: $340 USD / Month

Best Coworking Space: Dojo in Canggu

Lower your cost of living. Pocket more money. Meet people who think like you.

Cuz’ fuck it. Life is short.

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