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GoogleMaps is my best friend when I travel. Here is a collection of my saved locations. When you’re out wandering Bali or Puerto Vallarta, pull up this map and see what’s near you. Pro Tip! Download GoogleMaps offline BEFORE you travel. In case you wind up somewhere without WIFI or data, GoogleMaps Offline will allow […]

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One way Ticket Plan

What to Pack For Teaching Abroad (TEFL Teachers Packing List)

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What to pack for teaching abroad

13 Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

Best Cities for Digital Nomads: Rice terraces in Thailand

10 Things To Prep & Pack Before a Trip


Here's a guide for every Solo Girl traveler out there to help you list the things to prep and pack before a trip.
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I'm a bestselling author, hotel reviewer and pickleball player. I teach women how to travel the world solo without going broke or getting kidnapped.
In 2011, I left Seattle with just $200 in my pocket to travel the world solo. Today, I'm the founder and creator of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide, the #1 travel guide book series for women - and the author of The One-Way Ticket Plan. 

author of The One-Way Ticket Plan and CEO of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide

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