The 3 Best Yoga Retreats in Bali


I used to think that “balancing your chakras” was only a thing for vegan hippie princesses.


And then I moved to Bali.


From the moment I settled into my Ubud neighborhood, I was surrounded with conversations about things like

  • Energy Work

  • Balancing Chakras

  • Spiritual Journeys

And I thought, what the hell.

I opened myself up to the world of yoga retreats, energy healers, reiki massage, and…yes, balancing my chakras.

My life began filling up with people who inspired me, motivated me, and encouraged me.


And then, my body changed.

I don’t just mean my weight (although, my waist has definitely shrunk), I mean my anxiety is gone, my negative thought patterns have disappeared, and my sleep cycle is so damn deep.


And then, my life changed.

Along my spiritual journey (yes, I have one of those now) in Bali,

I have healed sexual abuse trauma from my past.

I have finally truly cut emotional ties to toxic people.

I have found harmony between my body and my mind.


For the first time in my life, I actually know who I am.

So even if you’re not a vegan hippie princess, I encourage you to come to Bali and let life take the lead.

Immerse yourself in a yoga retreat that will surround you with the right people, push you to get back in touch with your body, and set yourself on a path to living your best life.


Here are the 3 best yoga retreats in Bali for 2019…that you still have time to book.

 1 – A Live Your Journey Retreat, August 11 – 18


Specially designed to revitalize and align your chakras, this retreat would provide a blueprint to your inner energy system. Our nature is often trapped in dividedness, and broken harmony – thus separating us from our internal divine integrity. Did you follow all that?

In other words…the chakra system is a master key to unlocking your spiritual power – by allowing you to align your body, mind, and soul in harmony.

It’s this harmony that people refer to as “enlightenment” aka living your life without painful baggage and finally meeting your authentic self.

Best For: Energy Alignment

City Location: Ubud

Name of the retreat resort: Naya Resort

Price: Starting from $2.200

About the retreat leader: Allie used to be a 9-to-5 girl who shifted her life’s direction and is now a devoted yoga teacher. The only way she knows how to do things is whole-heartedly – and you’ll feel that as she guides you through your yoga journey.

Where: Ubud

What’s included:

  • 7-Night Stay

  • Daily Yoga

  • Plant-Based Meals

  • Epic Excursions

  • Airport Pickup

Resort Amenities:

Your own luxury villa with private pool and views of the bright green rice terraces is the perfect place to unwind and recenter after a healing yoga session. There are villas for solo travelers and also villas that you can share with a friend who might want to join you on this journey!

  • Private villa or shared room

  • Wi-Fi

  • Air Conditioning

  • Rice Paddy Views

  • Rainfall Shower

Contact Info:

 2 – A Complete Wellness Journey, October 12 – 19



If morning vinyasa flows and evening yin relaxation sounds like your thing, choose SoulShine. Here, you’ll experience a holistic approach to inner peace with lessons about superfoods and herbs. Its believed that this clean and holistic lifestyle is the key to success in meditation, breathing practices, and self-care. By the end of this retreat, you’ll understand how differently your body feels depending on your diet…and also how differently your mind behaves.

Best For: Whole Body Reboot

City Location: Ubud

Name of the retreat resort: Soulshine Bali

Price: Starting from $2.100

About the retreat leader: Karla Tafra is a Croatian yoga teacher, nutritionist, and overall wellness coach who currently resides in the USA. Yoga transformed her life and she is now deeply passionate about sharing the knowledge of body and soul restoration with others. Karla has worked with all kinds of people – from athletes to pregnant women, so she’ll be more than capable of finding the right approach for you, no matter your (percieved) level.

Where: Ubud

What’s included:

  • Airport Transfers

  • Soul Sessions DJ or Ecstatic Dance

  • Water Temple Blessing Tour

  • Ubud Monkey Forest/Shopping

  • Sound Healing

Resort Amenities:

Choose luxurious suites or shared rooms with Indian ashram inspired interior – with tropical gardens or jungle views to complete your heavenly escape. Both options provide tranquil sanctuaries that you’ll look forward to returning to by the end of your day.

  • Private suites or shared/single rooms

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Air Conditioning

  • In-room safe

  • Natural Bath Amenities

Contact Info:

3 –  7-Day Dharma Healing Fasting Retreat, December 1 – 8

Have you noticed that in 2019, fresh air, pure food, and clean water are becoming more of a luxury than a natural right? In the western world, our body is exposed to so much pollution – both in the air and in our food – that a total body cleanse is dire!

Come detox at this fasting retreat where you’ll be guided through Buddha Dharma’s principles, helping you detect the Karmic obstacles holding you back from your happiness and vitality. You will learn about the aspects of Bio-Spiritual Nutrition, aka which food groups enhance your spiritual development, the functions of your gut and organs, and the cleansing process.

Supplemented with lessons of mindfulness, intermittent fasting, and how to stimulate your metabolism, here is where you come to be reborn in the jungle.

Best For: Spiritual Reincarnation

City Location: Ubud

Name of the retreat resort: The Yoga Barn

Price: Starting from $1,375 without accommodation/$1,870 with accommodation

About the retreat leader: Hillary Hitt is a teacher in alternative health practices and in her classes she applies Bodhisattva Dharma, Bio-Spiritual Nutrition, and methods like Reiki, colonic irrigation, and acupressure. Hillary is a follower and counselor in fasting as a healthy choice of life and can walk you through the thorny path of spiritual and physical cleansing with ease.

Where: Ubud

What’s included:

  • Daily coconut water, herbal tea, and mineral broth soup; fresh, cold-pressed juices

  • Homemade supplements

  • Daily lectures on Bio-Spiritual Nutrition, fasting, eating healthy and more

  • Daily yoga, meditation and sound healing experiences

  • 4-hour workshop on breaking your fast

  • Dharma Healing Fasting Handbook

  • Sauna sessions, foot reflexology and more

Resort Amenities:

You’ll be comfortably accommodated in a single room among lush greenery and this Indian + Indonesian influenced boutique ambiance. You’ll be able to wander freely in the gardens or surrender to the meditative stillness of your room broken only by Nature’s sounds.

  • Single occupancy rooms

  • Air conditioning

  • Daily breakfast at The Garden Kafe

Contact Info:


Something to Recognize:

We live in a hectic, buzzing, and flashy world which is in the habit of demanding more of our attention than we are capable of giving.

We’re in a constant hurry to get things done that seem to have no end to them, taking pride in our productivity rate, while in fact we’re quite often just shuffling errands around.

We are also in the business of forgetting to take care of the most important asset we’ll ever own – our souls.

We seem to mistake perpetual stress and always saying “yes” to every request with altruism – and that’s just a shortcut to robbing ourselves of… ourselves.

We can’t go on forever like this. Or we will burn out.

It’s time to restart and refresh, don’t you think?



Ps. I don’t have any affiliation to these retreats…I just sincerely recommend them!

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