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Facebook Twitter Youtube Learn for School Credit vs. Learn for Fun: Pros, Cons, Prices, and Time Commitments When considering the pursuit of knowledge and experiences abroad, two distinct motivations often come to the forefront: learning for school credit and learning for fun. Both avenues offer unique advantages and potential drawbacks. Here, we delve into the […]

How to Study Abroad – The Pros and Cons

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13 Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

Puerto Vallarta Mexico
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I'm a bestselling author, hotel reviewer and pickleball player. I teach women how to travel the world solo without going broke or getting kidnapped.
In 2011, I left Seattle with just $200 in my pocket to travel the world solo. Today, I'm the founder and creator of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide, the #1 travel guide book series for women - and the author of The One-Way Ticket Plan. 

author of The One-Way Ticket Plan and CEO of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide

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Want to contribute to the blog? I love to feature the perspective of other solo female travelers.


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