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I found the cutest little dollhouse of a hostel in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok, Thailand called Bedspread Hostel. This boutique hostel offers a mix of comfort, cleanliness, and affordability that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re a solo female traveler or a couple seeking a safe and convenient base to explore the Bangkok palaces and beyond, Bedspread Hostel has got you covered. So grab your backpack, and let’s dive into what makes this place a must-stay!

But first, please remember that I’m not a spoiled brat…I am a hotel reviewer and it is my job to be picky. I swear no hostel staff members were berated or embarrassed in the process of me making this hotel review.

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Best for...

With its quiet vibe and option to stay in female-only dorms, Bedspread Hostel is ideal for solo female travelers seeking a safe retreat in the heart of Bangkok.

Working from your laptop? They’ve got what I call a “magic table” aka a big wooden table with natural lighting where you can work. The wifi is fast and they have free coffee and tea.


I stayed here on a night when I was arriving into town late and didn’t want to pay full price for a hotel I’d only be sleeping in. For only $13 a night, the female dorms at Bedspread Hostel are a steal!

This magic table at Bedspread Hostel aka a big wooden table with natural lighting is a place where you can work.


Check-in at Bedspread Hostel is pretty straightforward. When you arrive, the door will be locked for safety so just press the buzzer and they’ll let you in.

However, be aware that they stick to their check-in times strictly. I saw some girls check in at 12:23 but reception told them they had to wait to check in at 1pm. I know damn well that those dorms were empty so why not just let the girls check in? To make up for that, these lucky ladies were offered some welcome drinks, but it seems that this treat isn’t guaranteed for all. I didn’t get a welcome drink when I arrived later at night (around 9:30pm).


I stay here for the location, tucked down a charming little alley way just a ten-minute walk from Khao San Road and all the best temples in Bangkok, Thailand. At the end of this alley is KC Guest House where I go for teas and coffees. And out front, some mornings, is my favorite Khao Man Gai spot.

Room and Bed

The beds here are clean and comfy, with little lockers for your essentials. They provide locks, but I’d recommend bringing your own for added peace of mind.

I love that there is a little lamp and electric socket right next to your head! You can close your privacy curtain for some alone time while watching Netflix or editing photos on your phone. And, the air-conditioned dorms are a godsend when you want to escape the Bangkok heat.

There were no lockers for bags. You just slide the bag under your bed. It fit perfectly and I cannot image anyone crawling under my bed to go through my bag. I felt perfectly okay leaving my bag like this. You can keep a TSA lock on your bag for extra protection if you’re worried.

Bedspread Hostel hotel review
You can keep your bags under the bed at Bedspread Hostel.


The bathrooms at Bedspread Hostel are separated by gender. There are showers and big mirrors. Very simple yet very clean.

Here's a sneak peak of the bathroom at Bedspread Hostel.

Noise & Smell

Be prepared for a bit of noise, as the walls are slightly thin and conversations among the staff can echo throughout the building. A touch of background music would be a nice addition to balance out the sound. Also, the bathrooms have a slight mothball smell, but nothing unbearable.

Food and Drink

KC Guesthouse near Bedspread Hostel

The hostel offers free coffee and tea – a lovely perk to start your day right! For food, I like walk down the alley to KC Guesthouse (and another great, cheap place to stay). KC Guesthouse has awesome coffee and incredible lemon iced teas with butterfly pea! Also at the end of the main alley, you’ll find my favorite Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice) place. You can see more of that chicken and rice place at the end of my Mini Bangkok Guide on Instagram. 

Social Vibe

Despite its social spaces, the vibe at Bedspread Hostel is generally quiet. It’s great if you’re looking for some downtime or a peaceful workspace but there is a chill-out area, and games like Scrabble and Jenga.

How to spend your day

Wake up in the morning and start temple-hopping around Khao San Road! Go get a massage and a bite to eat, then retreat back to the hostel’s cool aircon and refreshing showers. In the evening, head back out for drinks, live music and fun on Khao San Road and Rambuttri Road.

The vibe at Bedspread Hostel is generally quiet.

Staff Hospitality

While the staff are friendly, don’t expect the interactive vibe found in other hostels. Consider Bedspread more like a small hotel with reception for basic tasks.

Check out

Checking out at Bedspread Hostel is as easy as checking in. My only complaint was that I wanted a later check-out. Even though the hostel was practically empty, they wouldn’t budge. I asked if I could pay a pro-rated rate to stay a couple more hours in my room, and they said that I would have to pay the full price to stay a couple of hours. So on that front, they aren’t the most backpacker friendly. However, I was allowed to store my belongings in their closet and work from the hostel until my bus.

Value for Money

Considering the price, location, and overall experience, Bedspread Hostel offers excellent value for money. It’s a budget-friendly choice without compromising on comfort or safety.


Despite a few minor drawbacks, I’d rate my experience at Bedspread Hostel an 7/10. The hostel offers good value for money. The quiet atmosphere, clean rooms, and affordable price make it a great choice for female travelers.

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