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South Korea is generally considered a safe country for travelers and residents alike. It has a low crime rate compared to many other countries, and violent crime is relatively rare. I lived in South Korea for two years as an English teacher, immersing myself in the culture, customs, fashion, and music scene. I can confidently say that this is the most female-friendly country I've ever known. 

Welcome to the land of K-pop, kimchi, and captivating traditions! South Korea is a vibrant fusion of ancient history and futuristic innovation, where bustling metropolises coexist harmoniously with serene temples and lush landscapes. 

Seoul: The heart of Korea. K-Pop, markets, culture, food, Hongdae and Itaewon. From Seoul, visit the DMZ and a jimjiibang! 
Busan: Beach vibes! Start at Haeundae Beach and visit their seafood market. Go to Gwangan beach for rooftop bars. Take the subway inland to Seomyeon for shopping and bustling local life. 
Daegu: The 4th biggest city in the country and the most underrated city in South Korea. The food is incredible, the shopping is top notch and it's full of expat teachers rather than tourists. 
Jeju Island: Often called “the Hawaii of South Korea” with waterfalls, soft sand beaches, and cheap flights. 

Best Cities to Visit

▸High Season (Popular Season): 
♡ late March to mid-April for Cherry Blossom
♡ late June to August for Jeju Island Trips
♡ late October to mid-November for Fall Foliage
♡ late January to mid-February for the Korean (Lunar) New Year

▸Low Season (Less Popular)
♡ Winter months, November-February. Expect cold weather but fewer tourists and cheaper prices. 

Rainy Season: 
♡ Late June to mid-August. You can expect bursts of heavy rain rather than all-day rainy weather.

▸Hottest Months: July-August
▸Coldest Months: December-February
▸Best Time to Visit South Korea: Spring and Fall

When to Visit Korea

My Top Advice

  • Google Maps doesn't work - instead, download Naver Maps.
  • The texting app is called Kakao Talk.
  • Yogiyo is Korea’s most popular food-ordering app, which is basically like UberEats.
  • Learn how to use a squat toilet if you're going into rural areas.
  • Get a T-Money Card to use on public transportation.

Top Tips for South Korea

Go to a Jjimjilbang for a Korean body scrub
Sleep in a Jjimjilbang! 
Attend a K-pop Concert
Eat Korean BBQ 
Visit the DMZ
Attend a Baseball Game
Visit Jagalchi Market in Busan
Sing in a Noraebang
Spend the night at a Buddhist temple

South Korea Bucket List

Jagalchi Fish Market – Busan
Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul 
Seoul Folk Flea Market - Seoul
Dongdaemun Market – Seoul
Gukje Market - Busan
Gwangjang Market - Seoul
Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market - Jeju Island
Namdaemun Market – Seoul

Must-Visit Korean Markets

Alexa's Favorite Hotels 

Here’s a shortlist of countries that don’t need a visa for touring South Korea (just show up):
United States - (visit up to 90 days)
Canada - (visit up to 180 days)
Australia - (visit up to 30 days)
New Zealand - (visit up to 90 days)
United Kingdom - (visit up to 90 days)
Ireland - (visit up to 90 days)
South Africa - (visit up to 30 days)

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