Do You Need a COVID Vaccine to Travel to South Korea?

What are the COVID requirements to enter South Korea?

As the requirements change often, I’ll keep you updated here! Here’s what you need to be able to enter South Korea in 2021…


  1. Do you need a COVID vaccine to enter South Korea?

As of October 2021, no. You do not need a COVID vaccine to enter South Korea. BUT you will need a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of landing in South Korea.

2. Do you need to quarantine in South Korea?
According to the Korean Embassy, “Travelers who received all vaccine doses in the United States generally still undergo 14 days of quarantine at their own expense. However, limited categories of vaccinated travelers may apply for a quarantine exemption certificate at an overseas Korean Embassy or Consulate prior to travel. The U.S. Embassy plays no role in quarantine exemption decisions.”

To get more info on entering South Korea during COVID times, here is the ultimate resource from the Korean embassy where you can find out the most current COVID policies.

What are the COVID requirements when leaving South Korea?

A COVID test is needed before you get on a plane.

Here is the Korean Embassy’s official list of English-speaking COVID testing centers, organized by city. BUT I recommend you do a simple google search of COVID Testing when you’re in SK, and a bunch of spots are going to pop up on the map around you.

Get your test done 24-28 hours before you are supposed to head to the airport to fly.

Note: There is a testing center at Incheon Airport but be aware that this testing center requires an appointment.

Have some insider tips? Reach out to me at and let me know! I always appreciate your input!

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