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Fun fact: My best friend, Emilia, is Mexican. Like a real ass Mexican - born and raised in Mazatlan. She has opened my world when it comes to exploring a side to Mexico that is usually invisible to tourists. Together, she and I write travel guides to Mexico - and this will be your first taste of what it's like to see a mixed perspective of an Americana and a Mexicana...

mexico is so much more than all-inclusive resorts! While even I enjoy the occasional all-inclusive resort, my goal is to help you dive into real mexican culture beyond cabo, cancun and tulum (all of which are terrible representations of the real mexico). Sorry not sorry. 

Best Hotels 

  1. Mexico City: The "New York City" of Latin America! Mexico City is both bougie and humble. Eat breakfast at a local market in the morning then have dinner at a 7-course chef's table. It's all about the food! 
  2. Puerto Vallarta: Forget the all-inclusive resorts. You want to walk the cobblestone streets, take panga boats to waterfalls, go whale watching on a catamaran! 
  3. Baja Sur: Go kayaking with wild dolphins, snorkeling with a colony of sea lions, and swimming with sharks. Baja Sur is wild! The best way to experience it by renting a car and doing a road trip. Ps. Avoid Cabo.    
  4. Oaxaca: Okay, I still haven't been but it's on my bucket list especially for Dia de Los Muertos. Have any Oaxaca tips? Message me on Instagam @sologirlstravelguide.  

Alexa's Favorite Cities

♡ Mexico City
Pug Seal Polanco Anatole France, Mexico City
Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa, Mexico City

♡ Puerto Vallarta + Nayarit 
Villa Lala Boutique Hotel, Boca de Tomatlan
Hotel Ysuri, Sayulita
Xinalani Retreat, Quimixto
Hilton All-Inclusive, Puerto Vallarta
PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical, San Pancho 

♡ Baja Sur
Four Seasons Punta de Mita, Baja Sur
Baja Club, La Paz

My Top Advice for Mexico

♡ Ride the El Chepe Train
♡ Take a road trip around Baja Sur
♡ Go skydiving in Puerto Vallarta 
♡ Go whale watching in Puerto Vallarta 
♡ Attend a Lucha Libre match in Mexico City
♡ Go snorkeling in the sanctuary of Cabo Pulmo
♡ Participate in an ancient Temazcal Ceremony

♡ Go on a food safari with Eat Like a Local MX
♡ Go swimming with sea lions at Isla Espíritu Santo

The Mexico Bucket List

Alexa's Favorite Hotels

Chilaquiles -breakfast dish made of fried or baked tortilla chips topped with salsa.
Sopes - Similar to a tostada, topped with meat and veggies, but smaller and with a fluffier masa base. 
Aguachiles - Almost like ceviche, but with shrimp.
Chapulines - Seasoned grasshoppers! My Mexican bestie eats them like potato chips!  
Raicilla - A cousin of mezcal and tequila, Raicilla is distilled from agave that is about 300 years old.

Food You May Not Know

InDriver - The more local version of Uber which allows you to "bid" on a price. 
WhatsApp - The international texting app. 
Rappi - Like UberEats (you can also use UberEats).
Google Maps Offline - This is a life saver when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.
Duolingo - Start learning Spanish before you come!
Join my Facebook Groups - Girls in Puerto Vallarta and Girls in Mexico City.

Apps to Download

Test Every Salsa - Mexicans will drop a drop of salsa on the top of their hand and lick it to test the heat! 
Say Good Morning to Everyone - It's the most charming element of Mexican culture.
Americans and Canadians: Your cell phone plan might already cover Mexico! Double-check now. 
Test Tequila: If you pour tequila into your hands, rub them together, and they feel sticky’re drinking low-quality Tequila! Hangover incoming...

Pro Tips for Mexico 

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