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Okay not an insurance plan but an insurance product to ensure your safety. It's an alarm + light to scare away attackers (and animals).

Pricier but covers stolen items and covers more extreme adventures like rock climbing or skydiving with their “Explorer Plan”.

The cheapest month-to-month insurance plan for travelers which covers emergencies and lost luggage - but not stolen items.

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(Yes, you do need it)

Travel Insurance

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Must-Have Travel Cards...

Do not use ATMs abroad without this card. This card refunds you for every fee that any ATM charges you. It will literally save you hundreds!

The travel credit card for beginners. It's got a low yearly fee, gives you access to Priority Pass and allows you to start collecting miles and travel points. 

The holy grail of travel credit cards is American Express Platinum. The perks are insane - including the best airport lounge access and hotel upgrades. 

Charles Schwab Debit

Chase Sapphire Preferred

American Express Platinum

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Once you’ve booked flights and hotels, forward the confirmation emails to TripIt and your app will automatically organize your itinerary.
The first thing I do when planning a trip is to scroll three tour websites to find unique adventures with local people:, Airbnb Experiences and

TripIt App

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