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Facebook Twitter Youtube Welcome to my practical carry-on packing checklist for female travelers. Did you know that packing light saves time, money, and hassle? Learn essential tips to streamline your travel essentials, maximize space, and breeze through airports. Get ready to master efficient packing for your next adventure! Table of Contents Carry Osprey Fairview 40 […]

Carry-On Packing Checklist

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Carry-on packing checklist for your travels.

How to Take the Sleeper Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai


sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
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I'm a bestselling author, hotel reviewer and pickleball player. I teach women how to travel the world solo without going broke or getting kidnapped.
In 2011, I left Seattle with just $200 in my pocket to travel the world solo. Today, I'm the founder and creator of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide, the #1 travel guide book series for women - and the author of The One-Way Ticket Plan. 

author of The One-Way Ticket Plan and CEO of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide

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