How to travel the world without going broke or getting kidnapped.

I want my tombstone to say, "I teach women how to travel the world without going broke or getting kidnapped."  That's what I do. I do really stupid stuff around the world and learn really valuable lessons to pass on to you. Stick with me and you will learn both what NOT to do and the shortcuts to traveling safely and comfortably. I'll never bullshit you. I will only guide you in the right direction. 


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You don't have to wear a money belt to conceal your passport and wallet at all times. There are genius products out there that make safety comfortable and cute. Let me introduce you to the must-have safety gadgets for your next trip. 

18 Ways to Hide your Money and Jewelry

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I feel safer traveling than I do at home. That's because when I travel, I choose safer destinations. I choose to travel to places where I can walk alone at night, trust strangers and not worry about gun violence. Let me show you where I'm traveling now. 

8 Safest Travel Destinations For S Female Travelers 

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Don’t let fear dictate your life, girl. Don’t listen to the fear mongers or the people who don't own a passport. Instead, read this blog. Buy an anti-theft travel purse. Pick your travel destinations wisely. And you’re ready to travel solo. 

20 Safety Tips and Travel Hacks for Solo Travel Girls

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