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Welcome to my luxury Bali villa house tour

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My villa in Bali is a dream come true

Before you learn how to find a villa in Canggu (or anywhere in Bali), let’s first take a peek at what’s on the table. These are some of the best benefits of living in a Bali villa and I’ll expand on each of them throughout this Bali travel blog. Ready?

❤️️ 3-bedroom private pool villa

❤️️ Full staff with a housekeeper, pool boy and gardener – 6x a week.

❤️️ Air-conditioning

❤️️ Lap-size Infinity Pool

❤️️ Guard dog

❤️️ Beautiful botanical garden

❤️️ Tropical, quiet location

I never thought that I could afford a house this sexy. This kind of glamour is reserved for the Paris Hiltons of the world…not lil’ ol me, a travel author from Seattle.

But here I am. Writing this on my poolside daybed in Bali.

So before I tell you about how much I pay for this place (I’ll spill all my secrets at the end of this article) – let me tease you with the stats.


I’ve got an infinity pool underneath the sky-scraping Balinese Joglo-style roof giving me exotic glamour vibes that FEEL so expensive, but are actually very affordable.

The villa was designed by Singaporean architects with a mix between Balinese architecture and modern luxury.

I’ve got a complete open-design which means that there is a breeze coming through here all day long. And that also means, the villa is all natural light. I don’t turn any lights on until the sun goes down.  

What I love most about this house though, is that I’m essentially working outside all day – but covered and in the shade. I don’t have to live that life of the cooped-up writer. Instead, I get my inspiration just from sitting next to my own botanical garden with pineapples and Birds of Paradise plants.


Alexa West, a digital nomad, working in a villa in Bali

As a digital nomad, I love that I have multiple workspaces in this house that allow me to hop from the table to the couch to the hammock to other couch. And because my house is so conducive for work, I’ve got other digital nomad friends who come over for coworking sessions at my house (hey, let me know if you want come over).

WiFi in Bali

Speaking of work. If you live in Bali, that usually means that you own a remote business or work from your laptop. So, you’ll be happy to know that the internet in Bali is usually pretty good. It’s fast enough to download all the shows I miss from home plus, upload all these videos to YouTube or my video editors.

The other day, the WiFi was acting up. I messaged the internet company on WhatsApp and I kid you not, within 25 minutes – there were two technicians at my house to fix the problem.


Private pool of a villa in Bali

My pool is inarguably the selling point of this place. It’s big enough to do laps. It’s big enough to have 8 people in here at once.  And the fact that I can dive from my room into the pool is amazing. Okay, I don’t jump, I dip. But…I could if I wanted to. 

I love the chill out area next to the pool with the daybed. I love how much sun I get here. And I love that I can watch the bright orange sunset from right here.


Prepare to have your mind blown. This place comes with a full staff. Monday-Saturday, 9am – 12pm, I have Teresia the housekeeper who washes the dishes, makes my bed, does my laundry and keeps this place in order. Most villas in Bali come with staff like this because when you live in a place that is half outside, you need sweeping and mopping every day.

Then I have Kadek, the pool guy.

And Wayan, the maintenance man and gardener who fixes anything that breaks and keeps the grounds pristine (I have “grounds” now). And the other day, my door came off the hinges, and he came over at 9pm- and fixed it good as new.

Things like that happen in Bali. You have high humidity, rain, and the elements just wear things down which is why villas usually come with staff.

Oh and many villas come with a dog, too. Snoopy is the security guard. And anyone who has ever walked into my home can tell you…he is scary, but he cuddles with me. Making Friends in Bali

My house is the ultimate entertaining house, allowing me to host big parties, small coworking sessions, intimate dinners, and just causal hangs. I’ve got a great group of friends – and I love having a space where I can invite them over for beer pong (cause we’re 16 years old), BBQs, pool parties and sleepovers! There is so much room for activities.

Ps. We had a BBQ the other day out here. I was running low on gas, and all I had to do was text my housekeeper and she sent a guy over to change it within 20 minutes.

ALSO, if you want to know how to make friends in Bali, let me know in the comments. I wonder if that is an article people want to read about.


So next, is the kitchen. It’s got enough counter space to cook, chop and prepare it all. I’ve got my crock pot, blender, air fryer (amazing) and big ass fridge, plus a stove and oven.

Next, I’ll be making a Bali cost of living video & blog so you can see how much I spend on groceries and coffee.


Now, the bedrooms. We’ll start with the luxury tree house. What I love most about this treehouse is that it’s so far from my room. Anyone that stays in here basically has their own wing of the house. This room has a bathtub, full bathroom, TV set-up and amazing wrap around porch that looks out onto the rice fields.

Next, the guest bedroom. Like most guest bedrooms, I’ve been using this place for storage and filming, but it’s nice to have this space for when the friends are in town. It also has a beautiful botanical garden on the patio.

Finally, my sanctuary. My master bedroom where I can jump from my room directly into the bright blue infinity pool. My bed is heavenly, the air conditioning is cold, I have so much closet space and the bathroom!


Now, when I first saw this house I thought…this is too much house for me. But then…I saw this…and I was sold.

This is my DREAM bathroom and I love baths. I’ll get in the bath at night, turn on some music and look at the stars from the tube. That never gets old. Even when it rains. And I have an outdoor shower. I also have a covered shower, but I’ve never used it.

It’s got a massive Terrazzo bathtub, outdoor shower and is the perfect place to do my makeup with all this natural lighting!

Now, wanna know how much a private villa in Bali costs?

This 3-bedroom private villa in Bali costs…

20 million IDR or $1,400 USD per month

Plus, around $200 USD in electricity per month.

So in total, I pay $1,600 USD for a luxury villa with staff in Bali.


Facebook groups. Really. Nearly everyone I know here has used Bali Facebook groups to either find a private villa, rent a room in a Bali private villa, or find a roommate in Bali.

woman typing_600x800

Here are the groups I recommend:

Here are my PRO Tips for Finding a Private Villa in Canggu, especially.

✔ Only fall in love with a house when you’re ready to move in.

✔ If you see a villa you like, you must be ready to go look at it and put down a deposit THAT DAY. These villas go fast and the competition is steep. You’ve got to be the first one at the door when this villa is posted online.

✔ Pay in advance for Longer Leases: For a big house like this, the standard lease is 1-month to 1-year AND you will need to pay the full rent up front. So, I paid $9,800 for my 7-month lease, upfront.

Shorter Leases are trick: If you want to rent a place for 1-month or 2-months, you’re going to have a harder time finding a place. In this case, you might consider renting a room in a big place like this or…


You can get a shorter lease on AirBNB plus, most hosts will negotiate a lower price on AirBNB if you’re wanting to rent for one month or longer. Don’t book the AirBNB price immediately. Contact the host first.


Next week I’ll release my Cost of Living Bali video on YouTube. I’ll breakdown everything from groceries to massages to motorbike rentals in Bali. So, make sure to subscribe to my channel to catch that video!

Read more of my Bali travel tips in my travel guides to Bali.

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