18 Ways to Hide your Money and Jewelry While Traveling

Let me scare you with some travel truth. Your shit can get stolen while traveling!

We’re usually talking about credit cards, cash, passports, cameras, and purses (very rarely do big backpacks get stolen).

Thieves go where the tourists go. Stealthy pickpocketers + bag snatchers = What YOU need to prepare for BEFORE you travel. You need to come prepared with ways to hide your money and jewelry while traveling.

Thieves are looking for tourists who have their guard down in that “nothing bad ever happens on vacation” mode. Whether it be gracefully sliding your phone out of your pocket at a bar in Bali or stealthily stealing your purse while you’re sleeping on a bus in Vietnam…they are good at what they do.

The good news is this: Thieves are opportunists. Don’t give them the open opportunity to take your shit…and they won’t. It’s sincerely that easy and once you’re prepared, there’s no reason to be scared.

So, listen up while I spit some travel safety tips and wisdom!

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Travel Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

  1. Only take cash out to the bars – not debit cards.

  2. Don’t set your phone on the table while you eat.

  3. Don’t set your purse on the ground or hang it on the back of your chair.

  4. Carry these TSA-Friendly Locks for hostel lockers and to lock your luggage during transit.

  5. While on overnight buses, sleep with your cross-body purse on your body + your purse zipped.

  6. Don’t store your purse or laptop bag in under the bus (in the luggage compartment) on long-distance buses.

  7. Wear your concealed money pouch under your clothes (you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t understand this).

For country-specific safety tips, get your copy of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guidebook before you go!

Now, the best ways to hide your cash and credit card while traveling!

Promising Review: “This is the best purchase I have made in a while! The pocket fits my Galaxy S8 phone, 2 passports, long wallet and camera AND there’s still room.” – Bubbie5

Promising Review: “HIGHLY RECOMMEND, especially if you are traveling and need to carry a large amount of cash. I could fit about 12-15 bills in it.” – Pinky

Promising Review: “Clever!!! I have taken it with me on a few trips it is a great place to hide a little emergency money or small jewelry.” – C. Villarreal

Promising Review: “I bought this belt for running and hiking, but mostly to take with me to Mardi Gras this year in New Orleans so I have one less thing to carry, and I don’t have to worry about being ripped off.” – Kate

Promising Review: “I have a great travel bag, but I like to keep my money directly on me when I travel. This is the most comfortable and secretive way to do so that I’ve found yet.” – Samantha.

Ps. I’ve been carrying the SAME one of these for nearly 8 years now. Best investment!

Promising Review: “The underwear was comfortable and gave me peace of mind that I had money stored in the underwear while in Paris with pickpockets.” – Linda A

Promising Review: “I purchased the black version and stored 1 passport, 1 credit card, 1 license, and cash in the pocket.” – KS.

Promising Review: “Great buy, feel much better about carrying cash or checks when traveling.” – PlayGirl

Promising Review: “This is exactly what I was looking for to clandestinely stash things. The best thing is it’s an actual working marker I can use to write with!”- Mary A

Promising Review: “Used it as my wallet during the entire 10-day trip so that I wouldn’t have to worry about pick-pockets snagging my passport/ID/credit card/debit card/cash/train tickets, etc out of my shorts pockets.” -Oakley

Promising Review: “I can put my driver license, work ID card and several credit cards in this small leather wallet. It can be kept in my pocket but almost cannot fell it when I was jogging outside.” – Chris

Promising Review: “Your money and passport are always comfortable with you and so easy to access. I can even sleep safely with my money with these cool panties.” – Kathryn G.

Promising Review: “While you can always replace your license and credit cards are protected against fraud, if you have cash stolen while you travel you are out of luck. This is a great way to safeguard from theft.” – E. Spalter.

Promising Review: “This product allowed me to travel with $7,000 cash without being noticeable. It did not even beep in the metal detector, just make sure not to put metal in it.” – Melinda Vazquez

Promising Review: “This is hands down the best Money clip/wallet that I have used in 17 years. One of the keys to its success is the center pocket for items that are irregular in size.” – GJL

Promising Review: “I had a horrible system of traveling with my jewelry, so this is a true life saver! It is compact and fits practically anywhere. Especially if you travel with necklaces, GET THIS!” – Mai Tai

Promising Review: “I recently used this at a rave/concert (jumped a ton and bumped into a bunch of people constantly) and it held up without re-adjustment.”- Bittenapples

Promising Review: “This sports bra is very practical. It fits very well and looks great. It’s made very well, great material. My phone actually fit in the back pocket too.” -Bird Cwynar

Conclusion – Ways to Hide your Money and Jewelry While Traveling

I see it all the time. Solo travel girls walkin’ round big cities or sipping cocktails in crowded bars with their purse gently dangling by their side, either half-zipped or no zipper at all. I SEE IT and the THIEVES SEE IT. Don’t be that girl. Don’t make yourself a target and follow my simple tips above.

Oh, and once you’re done reading this article – let your anxiety go. You are officially more prepared than most travelers which means, you’ve officially not the target anymore.

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