13 Best Travel Dresses on Amazon Right Now (October 2023)

Check out the 13 best travel dresses on Amazon right now.

One thing no one ever tells you about traveling: Your body will change, ladies! You’re exercising less. Eating more carbs. Out of a routine. You’ll gain weight in one city and then you’ll lose weight in the next. This is just a traveling fact. Embrace it by packing lots of dresses that will mold to your body, no matter what shape it is this week. Before you travel, check out these 11 Best Travel Dresses on Amazon Right Now.  What makes for the best travel dress on Amazon? Adjustable straps, ties instead of zippers, and stretchy material. 

By now, it’s no surprise that half of my luggage is full of dresses. And half of my travel dresses are from Amazon.com.

I’ve ordered and tried on a ridiculous amount of the best travel dresses on Amazon.com … including nearly all of the dresses in this list.

Here are 13 travel dresses that tick the boxes for travel functionality and are available on Amazon.com right now.

Nearly every dress I travel with is a wrap dress! Why? Because when I travel, I’m either gaining weight or losing weight – nothing in between. In Thailand, I gain; in Bali I lose.

So a wrap dress is 100% necessary to keep me feeling sexy, instead of like a sausage and/or a poached egg. This one is stunning no matter what my body is doing!

I own this little floral dress in two colors. The material is sweat-wicking annnnd it doesn’t wrinkle when its shoved in a suitcase. Translation: it’s great for photoshoots on the go!

Those travel days filled with shopping, eating & sightseeing NEED this cute and breezy travel dress! Cinched at the waist, appropriate length for temples & museums, and available in nine cute colors!

No bra, no problem. Throw this dress on and go. The top is secure so there’s no slippage on your tropical adventure and the flowy skirt is gorgeous in photos!!!

One of the best-selling travel dresses on Amazon.com!

Imagine strolling the streets of Vietnam in the dress, through the markets, eating street food, having an ice cream by the lake. With a parachute-style fabric, this dress is comfortable and breezy! Plus that back adjustable-scrunchy-stretchy panel ensures total comfort.

Okay, not a dress…but a flowy, pretty, and low-maintenance romper that looks amazing with a tan! The material is thin and breezy – yet high-quality! This is one of my favorite rompers that I own. 

Pro Tip: This playsuit runs big, so I suggest that you order one size down.

The best dress for looking cute on airport days and bus rides!

Perfect length for curling up in your seat. Soft material that will feel comfortable sitting for hours at a time. And a pretty color because hey, you’re still on vacation!

The ultimate temple dress for Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali! When you’re go sight-seeing in Asia, you absolutely need to cover your knees and shoulders for temples and religious sites, but it’s also polite to do the same in museums and historic grounds.

This wrap dress keeps you modest and photo-ready.

I’ve got a bit of a tummy, and even I feel comfortable in this two-piece stunner.

The fabric feels breezy in humid weather! Perfect to wear out to dinner or drinks on a tropical island.

Plus, anytime that you can bring mix-and-match clothes to convert into different looks is a win!

Dress up or down – without sucking your tummy in! I love the little cover right at your belly. It’s cute, first. And practical second.

I love wearing this one on domestic flights; I just throw a shawl over my shoulders and I’m good to go.

Eat and drink as much as you’d like without feeling like you having to suck it in! This dress is so flattering!

I own this baby in 2 colors – black and blue. This is the ultimate “dress up and dress down” dress. The material is a bit thick so it’s best for evening cocktails and rooftop bars! 

Major tip: Buy one size smaller than you think. You might not be able to zip it initially, but wear it for 15 minutes and let it loosen a bit. When you can zip it, it will fit you like it was made for you!

I know I know, another romper instead of a dress but this one is worth it!

You can wear this cute and comfy travel jumpsuit with a bra or without!

Pro Tip: The shorts are a bit long, so if you’re shorter than 5’4 – I’d skip this one. 5’4 and over…ugh so cute.

Available in SO many cute colors.

My favorite romper I’ve ever owned. It’s cozy and classy. The sleeves and fitted waist give you a gorgeous shape. The material is long-lasting and a bit warm, best for non-humid climates.

Pro Tip:  I prefer to size down! 



These strappy Steve Madden sandals look super cute with these dresses! And they are comfortable walking sandals.


Travel dresses make the most sense when you’re packing for a big solo girl trip. They take up less space than denim shorts. They’re versatile enough to be worn morning, day, and night. And most importantly, travel dresses allow your weight to fluctuate (don’t freak out, your body will go back to normal when you get home). So keep on checking the best travel dresses on Amazon and be updated!

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